How Send Personalized Mass Texts
By Using The Mail Merge Feature
Step 1:
Click on “Conversations” in the menu tab on the left.
Step 2:
When in the Conversations area, you click on “New Conversation"
Step 3:
- Select the phone number you would like the text to be sent from 
- Click “SEND TO LIST” 
- Select the list you want to send to 
Step 4:
Create the message you want to send to (you need to keep the disclaimer that is profiled in “Message” area to keep compliant).
Step 5:
Click Send to send each person in the list the text you’ve created in the message box. 

NOTE: You can use the shortcodes listed below the message box to personalize the texts. 

A text that says “Hi [first_name] [last_name], I hope you’re doing well” 
Would be sent as: “Hi Taylor James, I hope you’re doing well”. 
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