How To Connect A Facebook Lead Form
To Your SMS Conversations Account
Step 1:
Before continuing, please follow the steps to connect SMS Conversations to Zapier at THIS LINK.
Step 2:
When creating your Facebook Lead form, make sure to separate the "Full Name" field into "First Name" and "Last Name" as seen below, because Zapier cannot separate the first and last name itself.
Step 3:
Log into and and click "Make a Zap".
Step 4:
When selecting the "Trigger App" you can type in "Facebook" and select "Facebook Lead Ads." Please note that this is a premium app and requires you to have a paid Zapier account to use.
Step 5:
Click "Save + Continue"
Step 6:
If you need to connect a Facebook account, you can click "Connect an Account", or if you can use one of the accounts already connected, simply select the account you want to use and click "Save + Continue."
Step 7:
Select the page you want to use and the Facebook Lead Form you want to pull from.
Step 8:
Click "Skip This Step."
Step 9:
Click "Continue With Default Sample."
Step 10:
Click the link to add an action step.
Step 11:
Click "SMS Conversations" as the action app (NOTE: you can search for the app like we did in step 4 if it doesn't appear automatically).
Step 12:
Click on what you would like to do.

NOTE: You can add the contact to a list in SMS Conversations through the "Send Slybroadcast" and "Send SMS" options.
Step 13:
If you need to add a new SMS Conversations account, you can click "Connect an Account", otherwise, you can select the account you want to use and then click "Save + Continue."
Step 14:
Click the dropdown and select the phone number from your SMS Conversations account that you would like to use.
Step 15:
Select the pre-written SMS Message you would like to use and the list you would like them to be added to.
Step 16:
To customize your available SMS Messages that you can use via Zapier, log into and click on the "Frequently Used Texts."
Step 17:
In the top right, click "Add Message"
Step 18:
Name the text message (visible only to you for internal purposes) and then add the text itself that will go out to people. You can use the [first_name] merge field to add their name into the text message as seen below.
Step 19:
You'll now be able to find your frequently used texts under the "SMS Message" field in Zapier.
Step 20:
Select the SMS Conversations list you want to send the contact to (optional).
Step 21:
For the phone, you'll need to select the phone number from the example Facebook data as seen below.
Step 22:
Then add in the First and Last name fields from the Facebook example data as well.
Step 23:
You can see all the selected fields before you click "Send Test to SMS Conversations" (optional)
Step 24:
After you send the text, you can click on "Contact Lists" in your SMS Conversations account and see that the contact has been added to the list. The contact will also be send the text (in this case, the Facebook example data isn't a real phone number, so nothing was sent out).
Step 25:
After you verify that it's working correctly, click "Finish" to complete the set up.
Step 26:
Add a name to the Zap, and click the toggle switch to turn it on.
Step 27:
Make sure you see the confirmation screen that says it's up and running.
Step 28:
One of the very cool things about Zapier is you can create Zaps with multiple steps. So, after your contact from the Facebook Lead form is added to SMS Conversations and sent a text, you can continue the process by clicking "Add a Step" in the bottom left to then send the contact to a CRM or other places accessible through Zapier's many applications.
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