How To Create And Set Up A Sly Broadcast Account
Don't forget to use referral code "SMSConversations" when you sign up for your account (step 2)
Step 1:
Go to and click “Sign Up"
Step 2:
Fill out all the information to create your account. (We suggest using the “Pay As You Go” plan unless you plan on using many more messages than the average person.)

PLEASE NOTE: If you use the Referral Code "SMSConversations" you'll get some free messages added to your account when you sign up (pictured below)
Step 3:
When logged in, click on the “Account Settings” button in the top right.
Step 4:
From here you can edit your account information, Billing, and manually add more credits.
Step 5:
We suggest setting up “Auto Recharge” so that you will automatically refill your contact credits when you run low and you won’t have to come back to to add more credits.
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