How To Send A SlyVoicemail® From InfusionSoft
Step 1:
When building a campaign, you grab the "Sequence" campaign tool on the left and drag it into the campaign area on the right (we've labeled ours "SlyBroadcast").
Step 2:
Inside the sequence, you will need to add a "Send HTTP Post" action as seen on the bottom left (you will have to scroll down to see this action option). Drag it into the campaign area and connect it to the sequence.
Step 3:
Inside the Send HTTP Post action, you will need to set your items as seen below. You can copy the values below:

Post URL:

Name/Value Pairs:
phone = ~Contact.Phone1~
voice_message_id = ####### (step 4 shows how to grab the voice message ID #)
Step 4:
Your voice message ID refers to the ID number for the specific voice message you want to send from your SMS Conversations account.

Click on the "Your Recordings" link on the left dashboard area, and copy the ID  number for the voice message you want to send. This number is the "voice_message_id" you need to use in Step 3.
Do not forget to turn on your campaign sequence and Send HTTP Post action.
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