How to Upload A Contact List to SMS Conversations
PLEASE NOTE: If you are using a list you have exported from a CRM (like Mailchimp), you still need to re-save the file as a CSV as seen in steps 2-4 because most CRMs do not export as a true CSV file.
Step 1:
Add your contacts to a spreadsheet with the columns being Phone, First Name, Last Name, Email - with headers, as seen below. Your column headers must be exactly as seen. You cannot even have additional spaces (for example "Name" would work, but not "Name ".

Step 2:
Click "File" and then "Save As" to save your Excel spreadsheet in the proper format.
Step 3:
Select "Comma Separated Values" as the File Format.
Step 4:
Click "Save"
Step 5:
Go back to your SMS Conversations account and click "Contact Lists".
Step 6:
Click on "Add Contact List"
Step 7:
Add the name of the list and then click "Choose File" to select the file you saved in step 4.
Step 8:
After you select the file you want to use, click "Save" to upload your contact list.
Step 9:
You should see your new contact list added to the list.

You can click on "Manage" to see the contacts in that list.
Step 10:
When you scroll down, you should see the contacts you imported into the SMS Conversations list.
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