How to Upload A Contact List to SMS Conversations
Step 1:
Add your contacts to a spreadsheet with the columns being Phone, First Name, Last Name - with headers, as seen below.

Step 2:
Click “Save As” and select the Comma Delimited format (.csv)
Step 3:
In SMS Conversations, click on “Contact Lists” in the left sidebar.
Step 4:
Add a name (title) to the list you’re creating and click “Choose File”
Step 5:
Find and select your file
Step 6:
When your file is selected, click “Save"
Step 7:
After you click save, you’ll see a green bar confirming that the list has been added. You will also see your list in the area below.
Step 8:
When you click on “Manage” from the previous screenshot, you can see the contacts in your list.
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