How To Use Pre-Written Text Messages
Note: Depending on which group you are a part of, you may have some pre-written texts provided to you which you can access from steps 4-8 (steps 1-3 show you how to create your own). 
Step 1:
Click on “Frequently Used Texts” your own custom texts that you can use as templates.
Step 2:
Click “Add Message” to create new templated messages.
Step 3:
Fill out the form on the page and click “Save” to create a templated text message.
Step 4:
Click on “Conversations” on the left sidebar to access your text messages.
Step 5:
Click “New Conversation” to create a new text blast or texting conversation.
Step 6:
Below the other options we cover in “Sending Text Messages,” you will find an option to select a “Pre-fill message."
Step 7:
By selecting that option, a dropdown menu will appear with all of your custom texts as well as any others that are included in whichever group you belong to.
Step 8:
After you select the pre-fill message, your “Message” area will populate with the templated message.
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