Step 2: Integrate With InfusionSoft
Step 1:
You will end up creating a new campaign for each specific texting phone number you have connected to SMSConversations. The easiest way to do this quickly is to create a template campaign and then duplicate it as needed.

In this example, we’ve titled our template campaign: “Twilio SMS HTTP Post”
Step 2:
Inside of the campaign you only need 1 sequence.

By double clicking on the sequence you can see the inside of it.
Step 3:
Inside the sequence, you’ll see a start button, and an HTTP Post action that we’ve titled “SMS Conversations” (the title does not technically matter).

You can find the HTTP Post action if you scroll down to the bottom of the Sequence Tools in the left sidebar.

By double clicking on the HTTP Post action, you can edit the action.
Step 4:
There are 5 fields you’ll need to edit:

Post URL
Step 5:

The Post URL will always remain the same. The text to go under Post URL is:
Step 6:

In the field next to “text” is the message you want to send to your contact via text.

Don’t forget that you can use the merge fields to add in their name, etc.
Step 7:

If you want to add a picture, put the url to the picture in this field.
Step 8:

It’s best to use a merge field for your contact’s mobile phone number. In our case, that’s always their "Phone 1”.
Step 9:

To get the correct SMSID for the phone number you want to text from, go to, click on “Phone Numbers” in the left hand panel.
Step 10:
Next to each phone number is an SMSID. Copy the SMSID for the phone number you would like to send from and add it to the SMSID field in the InfusionSoft HTTP Post.
Step 11:
Once you’re all done, click “Mark As Ready” and then exit back to the sequence.
Step 12:
Make sure you mark the sequence as ready, and that the start button is green and ready to do (double click on it if it is gray, and then click “Save”).

Then, click back to the overall campaign.
Step 13:
To view messages that have been sent by InfusionSoft, log into and click on “Conversations” in the left sidebar.
Step 14:
When in the Conversations view, you can click on an individual contact and see the texts that have gone back and forth, and also text a new message to that contact.
Step 15:
Once you are viewing the message thread, you can also click on the contact’s name and view their contact data in InfusionSoft.
Step 16:
Lastly, when texting with someone with SmsConversations, the texting thread is saved and updated in the “Note” section of their contact card in InfusionSoft.
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