Step 1: Create A Twilio Account
Step 1:
Step 2:
Click “Sign up”
Step 3:
Fill out the form and select "I'm not a developer". Then click "Get Started"
Step 4:
Add your phone number to verify your account.
Step 5:
Enter the number that they text you, and verify your account.
Step 6:
Select "Products", then click "Phone Numbers" and then click "Continue"
Step 7:
You can give you "project" a name and then click "Skip Remaining Steps"
Step 8:
Then click "Upgrade" to add your billing information.

Then (second picture), when you scroll down while adding your billing information, you will be prompted to add funds to your account. We suggest turning on "automatic recharge" to ensure that your account will always have funds to send and receive texts.

Then click "Upgrade Account".
Step 9:
Once your account is supplied with funds, go to the “Home, Dashboard” on the left hand side.
Step 10:
On this page, you’ll see your "Account SID", and your "Auth Token”. You’ll need these to connect your Twillio account to SMS Conversations in Step #2.
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