Step 4: Setting Up Phone Redirects, Recorded Messages And Receiving Voicemail
Step 1:
Log into and click on “Phone Numbers”
Step 2:
When you have a number that has not been setup yet, it will not have a redirect voice number, or a Name yet set. You can setup a number by clicking the Edit button to the right of the number you want to edit.
Step 3:
Unless you have InfusionSoft connected to the account, the only option you’ll see is “SMS Conversations & Voice”
Step 4:
Add a name for the number to help remember which is used for what, and then add a "redirect voice call to” number. If you have no message setup, then they will be redirected to that number immediately. If you do, then people can redirect to the number by pressing 1.
Step 5:
To create a voicemail for this number, click on “Voice Messages” (make sure you save the page before clicking on “Voice Messages."
Step 6:
To create a new message, click “Add Message.”
Step 7:
One option for voicemail messages is “Text To Speech” where a computer voice will read the message to the caller.
Step 8:
The other option for the voice message is to select the type as “Audio”.
Step 9:
You can either upload a MP3 or WAV file of your audio, or choose to record it from your phone.
NOTE: If you choose to record the message from your phone, you will add your phone number and you will be called to record your message.
Step 10:
Once you’ve setup your voicemail, you can go back to “Phone Numbers” and click “Edit” on the number you would like to add the voicemail to.
Step 11:
Under Voice Settings for that number, you can choose which voicemail you want to play when the number is called.
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