Using The Text To Opt In Feature
Step 1:
Before you can set up the text to opt-in feature, you have to create a list to send them to. You can double check that you have one on the “Contact Lists” page.

If you don’t have a contact list already created, you can click the “Add Contact List” button to name a new list and click “Save” to create a new list that has no current contacts in it.
Step 2:
Click on “Phone Numbers” and then click on “Edit” for a number you want to use for “Keywords & Voice”. NOTE: You cannot use a Keyword number as a two-way texting number.
Step 3:
Under the “Number” section, select “Keywords & Voice” as this is what this phone number will be used for.
Step 4:
Scroll down to the "Keyword Settings” section and fill out the sections with the text messages you want auto responded as they go along the steps and the list you want to add them to. Below is an example:
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